Ghana Northern Golden Awards nominees list 2021

The organisers of Northern Golden Awards have officially released the list of nominees. The awards scheme seeks to reward Great people in the Northern part of Ghana. Below is the list of nominees Nominees list for GNG Awards 2021 Entrepreneur of the year Snow-b Monsta Dumba Clovis Cajetan Florence Kpan Shakira Ali Pelpou Male Radio Personality of the year Muniru Ibrahim Dimbie Jamaldeen Dennis Bebane … Continue reading Ghana Northern Golden Awards nominees list 2021

Meet the upper west lady who plotted to “eliminate” president Akufo-Addo

Esther Saan, a woman serving with the Ghana Army was among the 10 people who were being tried for attempting to stage a coup d’etat and overthrow the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government According to a report filed by Daily Guide, she was the person who suggested that the group eliminates President Akufo-Addo when he is finally captured. The Director in charge of Operational Intelligence … Continue reading Meet the upper west lady who plotted to “eliminate” president Akufo-Addo


Dennis votere Upper west is one of the regions in Ghana with great talents. Today leakafriq takes a look into the life of one of the greatest goalkeepers in Ghana. Born in the late 90s, Dennis is a native of the upper west region of Ghana,he is the eldest of 4 children by Mr and Mrs Votere.Dennis is a professional teacher and a professional goalkeeper. … Continue reading THE MAGNET

Bernard Mornah Humiliated

Former PNC National Chairman and leader of the El Wak Volleyball Team of Ghana, Bernard Mornah has been beaten and pepper-sprayed in Burkina Faso. According to reports, the incident took place at the ongoing club volleyball championship in the city of Sya Bobo Diolassou. Reports indicate that the El Wak Volleyball Team of Ghana was allegedly being cheated by Burkina Faso-led officials. Leader of the team … Continue reading Bernard Mornah Humiliated


Most women go through life looking for love, and looking for someone to treat them like a queen. For some women finding real love seems to be something that will never happen. I believe that finding love is not as hard as people make it seem. The reason that some women can’t find real love is because they look for more than just real love. … Continue reading LOVE IS NOT AS HARD AS PEOPLE MAKE IT SEEM!


The most important test in life is being able to see through the bullshit. You can either lead yourself or be led by our corrupted system of control that will encapsulate your mind and poison you with fear, hate and irrational beliefs. You can be the product of mind control or you can control your own mind. But if you don’t know your mind is … Continue reading CURIOSITY HAS ITS OWN REASONS FOR EXISTING!

Don’t Give Up

Dr. Ben Carson said, “I struggled academically throughout elementary school yet became the best neurosurgeon in the world in 1987.” LESSON: Struggling is a sign that you are on a verge of success. Don’t quit yet. Bill Gates said, “I didn’t even complete my university education but became the world’s richest man.” LESSON: School does not make you rich. School is only supposed to polish … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

The fastest way to lose yourself is to feel the need to be accepted by others.

You don’t need anyone to accept you, except God and you. So…the next time you worry that someone is gonna judge you, recognize that it’s simply you judging yourself. You’re the only one who can judge and reject yourself. Anyone else who judges you is reflecting THEIR own self-judgment and projecting it onto you. If you can realize this, you’ll start to let go of … Continue reading The fastest way to lose yourself is to feel the need to be accepted by others.

The Enterprising woman

LeakAfriq brings to you a beautiful and elegant young lady who is taking the fashion industry by storm. Meet Rita lambongang, a student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) , studying Business Administration (Human Resource Management option).She hails from the Northern Region of Ghana ( Bimbagu ) .She is the C.E.O of Sonnu-luot ,a fashion firm. She has great sense of fashion and … Continue reading The Enterprising woman